summer memories
Backgrounds for toddlers
Backgrounds for a toddlers DVD special
Alien music clip - Dennis Loyd
Animated video clip for the singer Dennis Loyd produced by "Plonter Animation Studio"  I was the layout and background artist, also did some sketches of additional characters & spaceship 
For good
Animated video clip for the indie folk band "Little Pirates"
Free Imagination
Made as a part of "A Face. The Day." A Memorial project of Beit Avi Chai 2017 Short animated film about the bond between siblings, and the loss of one of them during war. 
It was only a hand
Animated spoken word based on the text of  Tal Cohen. Was presented as a part of  poetry slam animated collaboration with the "Incubator" theater. 
Motion Design
Frame design& animation for motion graphics
Balcony and life in quarantine
A personal project that during quarantine, when I draw over pictures of people's balconies. It then developed to illustrated billboards on the entrance to Jerusalem 
Rachel Bluwstein
An animated tribute to Rachel Bluwstein, one of the most  famous Israeli poets also known as Rachel the poetess. created in the production of Tami Berenstein Studio 
Days of the week
Animated music video for the "Blossom" channel. Created entirely by me with the supervision of Itamar Daube.  
Short animated film The relationship between a young girl and her father is being reflected as they spend time together in a car, driving on an endless road.
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